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Below are a few samples of research that we have sent our subscribers:


AQR Capital:  20% Returns for 100 Years.

Cambria: Global Value.

InsiderMonkey:  Small Cap Hedge Fund Picks.

HSBC:  The Search For Yield And 9 Other Key Trends.

CXO Advisory:  Elections, Managed Futures, and Four New Factors.

Grant Williams (Vulpes):  Hmmm…..

The Credit Strategist: The New World of Credit.  

MarketFolly:  Hedge Fund Wisdom.

Ineichen Research:  Wriston’s Law of Capital.

The Daily Dirtnap:   Credibly Threaten.

Grant’s Interest Rate Observer:  Bubble in Safety.

Macro Research Board:  Dividends:  In Search of Safety and Growth.